Estación de higiene dos lineas


Control de acceso en dos lineas para el personal en las entradas y salidas en áreas de producción con desinfectante de suelas y manos.



Pan through disinection tub with shainless steel grid
Photocell activated disinfectant dispenser
Turnstile activated by the signal from disinfectant dispenser
Hand rail
Emergency switch-off button

Photocell achated soles cleaning brushes
Photocell activated turnstile


Ref: SHR-07


Power supply: 3x400V; 50/60Hz
Rated power: 0,65 kW
Control voltage: 24V
Type of protection: IP 65
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]: 1990x1892x1646
Weight [kg]: 270
Brush size: 180×800 mm
Capacity entry/exit: 10/15 per./min
Direction: separate entry and exit Water outflow 50 DN
Water temperature, max: 40°C
Water pressure, min/max: 2/6bar
Water connection G ½ int.
Elements for entry: sole disinfection plantform hand disinfection unit railings turnstile
Elements for exit: sole cleaning unit railings turnstile

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